Wednesday, July 10, 2024


A. 9 minute AMRAP

Row 1000m/800m 

AMRAP remaining time

12 HR push-ups

8 toes to bar 

rest 3:00

9 minute AMRAP

Run 1000m

AMRAP remaining time

10 single arm DB hang clean and jerks @ 50#/35#

10 Box-jump on and over 24″/20″

B. 3 sets for quality 

DB bicep curl x15 reps

DB lateral raises x15 reps 

banded pull apart x30 reps


A. Take 12 min to complete 3 sets of the following:

     A1. Wall sit x 45sec w/KB

     A2. Single arm DB bent over rows @ 30X1 x 10/arm

     A3. Barbell floor chest press x 10

B. 4 sets at consistent effort:

     1 min EB for calories 

      :30 rest

     1 min 4 DB overhead carries in 25’ increments with AMRAP air squats in remaining time

     :30 rest

     1 min row for calories