Friday, May 24, 2024


A. EMOM 12 min

     min 1: 12-14 DB reverse lunges @ 50#/35# per hand

     min 2: 8-12 toes to bar or knee to elbow

     min 3: Strict press x7-10 reps @ 95#/65#

B. For time: 


Box-jumps 24″/20″

Single arm DB hang clean and jerks @ 50#/35#


Row or bike cals


A. For quality:


      Dual DB bicep curls 

       bench press

      25 banded tricep push downs between each set

      **increase weight as reps go down

B. For time 


     Sumo deadlift highpulls w/KB or BB

     Box steps or jumps

     Row or EB 15/12 after each set

Extra credit:

     3 sets:

     DB side bends x 12/side

     V-ups x 18

     DB Romanian deadlifts x 10